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The story and fun behind the 2022 Christmas photoshoot

It’s Christmas

We launched Christmas here at Liwu Jewellery with our new gift sets yesterday. It features a very special photoshoot. The shoot results are stunning; I was proud to add them online yesterday. They perfectly reflect the beauty of Liwu Jewellery, and the photo shoot reflects what Liwu stands for kindness, friendship and meaning.


Liwu Jewellery model wearing with triskele silver earring

 Details behind the shoot – Girl power

 On the 4th of October, my home turned into a photography studio for the day. We welcomed three Irish women, all living locally here in Wexford, Sophie Wong (Make-up artist), Emma Morris (Hairdresser) and Caroline Fisher (Model). They were joined by Iryna and Olena from Imago Photography Studio and a videographer, Marusya Film. Seven women being creative, getting a job done with plenty of tea, coffee, scones, and laughs to help us along.

All these women came into my life through chance, and it was great to work together for a day. The power of connection and friendship is the atmosphere of the day. This was important for me since Liwu is all about thoughtful gifting to yourself and others, and I hope this is reflected in the videos and photos from that day.

Emma and Sophie are my go-to ladies for my hair for events and weddings. And Caroline, I met by chance at Emma’s salon one day! On the day, they worked so hard to create the vision Olena, Iryna, and I had, and I am very grateful for their patience. They ended up staying a lot longer than anticipated! Caroline deserves a special mention for all the pulling and poking at her. Fair play to her; modelling is hard work.

Friendship and destiny

I love working with good people and often have worked with my friends. One of my best friends from my UCD days creates all the product photography you find on our website. @helenmcintryphotography. So, when Iryna came into my life, who specialises in portrait photography alongside Olena, a talented designer and stylist, I knew I was again destined to create beautiful photos with these newfound friends.

Olena and Iryna are from Ukraine and hope to set up their photography business here in Ireland. They both came into my life, as I said, by chance, and we have become friends.

Last February, the covid restrictions on hotels were lifted, and my husband and I headed off to enjoy a two nights kid free in a luxury hotel here in Ireland. We were giddy as it was my husband's delayed 40th birthday celebration. We even had vouchers from family to pay for the trip.  

The weekend was lovely, but as we watched the tanks rolling into Ukraine from Russia from our hotel beds, we were shocked and horrified, helpless. Women with children heading for the border with the EU profoundly affected me. A few weeks later, I moved my business back into my family home, painting my former office, a self-contained granny flat, to welcome Olena and her 9-year-old twins. Her friend Iryna is connected to my classmate from 20 years ago, and she found herself in Gorey and helped her friends, including Olena, come to safety in Ireland.  

As destiny has it, Olena is a designer and stylist, and Iryna is a designer and photographer, so many creative projects have been discussed and created. Of course, I was introduced to Marina, a former architect and now a videographer from Odesa who has also settled close by. Marina is an absolute lady who invited me in for tea the first time I met her, we clicked, and you will agree that she captured the photoshoot and jewellery beautifully.

This Christmas

Creative projects help us and others through difficult times. As Christmas and the year-end wing our way to us, I am grateful for friendship, kindness and creativity.

Special thanks to:

Iryna and Olena (@imago_photography_studio)

Marina (@maryesa.film)

Emma Morris (@em_hair_artistry)

Sophie Wong (@sophiewongmua)

Caroline Hamblyn (@caroline_hamblyn)






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