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Gifts for someone special in your life this Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time to treat someone special. See our top picks of our 9ct gold pieces. 
Gift solid gold to capture messages in symbols forever so that the meaning can never be mistaken or forgotten.
The Lotus Flower 
Do you have someone in your life starting a new job, retired or recently engaged? The Lotus Flower is the perfect gift to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter.

Celebrate their new beginning this Christmas with the 9ct gold Lotus flower. 

The Dara Knot 

Give the gift of strength this Christmas, at a single glance The Dara Knot will remind you, you are stronger than you know 

This beautiful symbol encourages us to call on our inner strength to weather any storm. It is also a thoughtful gift to remind our loved ones that they are stronger than they know. 

Call on your inner strength to weather any storm.

Shop The Strength Collection

Celtic Joy 

Looking for the perfect gift for the special someone who brings joy to your life?

This Celtic symbol represents the worship of the sun by our ancestors, it is a symbol of joy, energy, spirit, moving forward, life and birth.

Shine bright like your closest star.

Shop the Joy Collection 


The Om Symbol 

Give the gift of inner peace this Christmas 

The OM symbol is a visual representation of the sound of the universe. The perfect gift for their inner yogi.

This necklace is to remind you that true success is inner peace.

The Om Collection

The Infinity Symbol 

At a single glance, the infinity symbol will remind you possibilities are endless 

This ancient symbol can be found in Christan artworks, it was used by Greek philosophers and can be traced back to cultures in Tibet and India. It was named as a mathematical symbol of the infinite in the 17th century.

The symbol is never ending with no beginning nor no end. It is often used as a symbol of never ending love or infinite possibilities. 

The Infinity Symbol 

 The Lucky Horseshoe 

Ride your dreams as far as they can take you 

It is believed that you can work with the horseshoe to turn your luck around, increase your chances of success or protect yourself and your belongings!

The Lucky Horseshoe is the perfect gift to wish someone look as they move through life, whether they are moving away or starting a new career

The Lucky Horseshoe 

The Tree of Life 

A beautiful talisman for your journey through the seasons of life. 

The Tree of Life represents the wisdom and knowledge that we gain through the seasons of renewal during our lives. It is also a symbol of family and connection.  

The perfect gift to show someone  how much you appreciate her this Christmas

The Tree of Life  

The Map of Ireland 

Life takes you to unexpected places love takes you home. 

The Map of Ireland is the perfect gift for someone important that lives aborad or is plannin on moving. 

The Map of Ireland 

Celtic Love 

‘There is no beginning, nor no end……’

The Celtic trinity knot represents eternity and infinity and declares love, unity and protection within relationships. 

Express what can be put into words with jewellery with meaning

Celtic Love



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