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Man wearing Liwu cufflink with chinese characters

Girl power, empowering and supporting women is very important to me. When it comes to my life and my business, I have some great female mentors, friends, family and people to look up to. I am lucky enough to be part of some amazing female entrepreneur groups. Today however, I want to talk about the great support I get from the men in my life

This week I have launched on my website and in stores, cufflinks for men! My husband who wears shirts to work every day has been pestering me to make him cufflinks for a long time.

I realised that the good men in my life need to celebrated. I am so lucky to have four great men in my life and part of business life too! They have been essential for getting my jewellery collections off the ground. These four men believe in me more than many of the women in my life. They are helpful, straight talking and keep me going.

They are my husband, my brother, my Dad and one of closest and dearest friends, James. This summer they each received the following Liwu cufflinks with a special meaning individual to each of them.

Love Cufflinks for my husband

 If you follow my blog you know that I am very fond (to put it lightly) of my husband. He is my husband, friend, sometimes business partner, actually in Liwu he is fondly referred to as logistics and display manager. He was chuffed and so proud to receive his Love cufflinks. Liwu started as a result of our move to Beijing. It is very appropriate that he wears these Chinese calligraphy character cufflinks meaning love ‘life to the heart and grace to body’.  He wears and shows them off every day to anyone who will listen about his crazy wife!

man and woman wearing Liwu Jewellery


Progress Cufflinks for my brother

 The Progress cufflinks goes to my long suffering brother. He is the man behind my beautiful website. He gets texts, emails and generally annoying requests weekly…. like this week when we had some issues around putting the cufflinks online.

His patience and hard work has been essential! We continue to make progress on the site and he does all this for a few free lunches and now a pair of cufflinks!

Progress Cufflinks from Liwu

 Eternity Cufflinks for my Dad

Eternity Gold Cufflinks by Liwu

When it comes to Dads, he is the best. A solid presence all my life. If I can’t get my husband in times of emergencies, logistical nightmares or breakdowns, he is next on speed dial. To towing us off the side of road with a trailer full of my stuff for a fair, helping me set up for my very first fair a few years ago, to minding my girls and doing the school pick-ups, he is there at a moment’s notice!

I am sure he is often puzzled why I don’t just stick with the good old office job that is accountancy. To be fair, he has never asked that question. Instead, he just shows up and helps me out. Eternity cufflinks with the trinity knot symbol of infinite love and protection are perfect for him. 

Happiness Cufflinks for my friend

 James isn’t my family so he doesn’t need to care but he does!  We go back to the bus stop outside UCD in 1st year college. The Wexford connection meant we hit it off straight away. He always asks how it’s Liwu is going, even when the answer isn’t always exciting news. He might not know it but showing a genuine interest has been so lovely and reassuring. Having the support of friends as well as family is essential.

His advice and the encouragement is always gladly received. He also provides a great free place to stay when I am in London doing a pop up or seeing stockists. Only tonight did he hall a load of my glass displays and wooden holders home on the plane, that I had left behind in his apartment in May. Thank you James.

Happiness cufflinks are perfect for James as he is mostly, almost always, happy!!

Here he is on the plane!

Silver cufflink

So finally I can thank the men in my life with the perfect gift for each of them! If these go well, maybe I should do an entire menswear range….





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